Technology, Humans And Taste
Technology, Humans And Taste



New ways of thinking require new ways of working.

That’s why we designed the Dim Sum process to deliver truly original ideas that work every time.

Dim Sum forces meaningful collaboration between our teams, brand teams, and best-in-class artists, nerds, thought-leaders, weirdos, and counter-culture geniuses to inject outside perspectives into everything we create.

Together we ask questions no one else ever has, to create immersive worlds that transform how people experience your brand.


The Dim Sum process can be applied in a few different ways:


Creative Dim Sum is our most comprehensive collaboration tool. The result is 25 ideas to build a new world for your brand. We curate a new cast of collaborators (including you) and lead you through a rigorous strategic process that nets diverse cultural insights. Combined with research, this forms the raw material we use to craft a huge volume of strategically grounded, creatively unexpected concepts. Then we present everything on a menu and collaborate with you to build a program that will accomplish your goals.


Dim Sum App is a mobile-first collaboration tool that allows brands and makers to scale the creative process by harnessing the experiences, brains, and insights of people all over the world. Together we create bad ideas fast, to make great ideas faster.



On our first Friday a few years back in our basement office in Soho we hosted a little get together dedicated to creative problem solving. We called it Dim Sum Club. Since then, every Friday at 4P EST we invite outside weirdos into our space - to drink, eat, and to have an idea. All are welcome, RSVP here.


Once a month we invite up to three independent creators (founders, technologists, playwrights, dancers and all other forms of makers) to demo their work to our club members and engage in a Dim Sum style workshop. It’s an adult science fair meets dinner party. Have a project to Demo? Apply here.