THAT artificially-intelligent socially-powered experiential video machine for Michael Kors

We went to Shanghai to kill the photobooth and we came back with 65 billion organic impressions. Hard to understand? We created a machine of epic proportions that used three cameras and an AI editing tool to pump out 300 beautiful films in one night alongside video from thousands of phones at a game-changing event for our client.

Sleep together

THAT Casper ad with Michael Rapaport

What if one of the world's grumpiest people finally got a good night's sleep? There'd be world peace, that's what. Just listen as everyone's favorite hip-hop hero explains it. This full-length video appeared in various cutdowns.


THAT film series for W Magazine

Most fashion is beautiful because of the way it was designed. But, some fashion is beautiful because of the way it was worn. That old t-shirt or that jacket you inherited from your dad. We interviewed fashion influencers about something Worn and uncovered powerful stories about how we create, how we dress up and how we feel when we wear nothing at all. 


THAT horological experience for Michael Kors and Google

To celebrate the launch of the new Android 2.0 smartwatch designed by Michael Kors and Google, we partnered with David Korins Design (Hamilton) to create an immersive watch you could walk around in to experience the elevated luxury of Michael Kors. With deconstructed roman numerals, a DJ inside a column with working watch arms and four huge film screens showing four separate films that interact seamlessly creating a epic widescreen landscape.


This is a hacky VR pre-viz of the event we created to show how the films worked together (best viewed in goggles). 


THAT innovation project + film series for MSG and Bud Light

It's simple, really. A 360 camera in a can of beer that allows you to capture an entire experience while you drink. 


THAT film series for W Magazine

Your hair grows six inches a year. What you leave on the floor of a salon is like a physical timeline of your life.  
We used this insight to help women transform themselves. Working with hair legend Garren, we interviewed women about who they wanted to become to design new styles and help create an identity.


THAT 360 Film, webvr and live experience at Sundance

R was commissioned by DocLabs at The International Documentary Festival. It's the world's first VROG (Virtual Reality vlog) designed to explore the virtual reality for first time users. It connects to ground-breaking WebVR experience that asks the viewer to interact both in VR and real life. You can watch Part 2, (the 360 film) below (Google Cardboard or Daydream recommended. Or enable WebVR on your Samsung Gear

{THe and}

THAT Emmy-winning interactive film, live experience + game

Created in collaboration with Topaz Adizes and The Skin Deep, this interactive documentary screened at Sundance, Tribeca and the International Documentary Festival. The live experience has been performed around the world, including at The Future of Storytelling Fest.
Winner of an Emmy, the World Press Photo interactive award and two-time Webby honoree, {The And} is a true 360 experience that continues to go viral over a year after launch.

My first time

THAT film for Obama

Lena Dunham implies that voting for the first time is a lot like doing other things for the first time.
Shot in an hour in Judd Apatow's basement, ranked the #3 commercial of 2012 by Time Magazine and won a Webby for best copywriting.

inside the blue

THAT mixed reality experience for Intel

Makers can make, but they need ideas. So, we created a conceptual ecosystem of robotic fish that feed on data and collaborated with teams around the world to make some impossible ideas into reality.
Winner of a W3 design award.

the flight before Xmas

THAT VR experience for JC Penney

Mall Santas are fake.
So we used VR and real presents to fly them out of malls around America and directly to the North Pole to meet the real guy himself.

e24 Locker room experience

THAT interactive museum for Under Armour

Streetball is all about the individual player. Skills, moves, nicknames and above all passion for the game.
To celebrate the anniversary of America's classic tournament we made a museum which allowed fans to become part of the game. This experience included a graffiti wall you could play like drums, a shoppable mannequin and tons of illustration.

just a nice box

THAT product + film

How do you create a commerce-free holiday season?
By creating a new ritual that invites people to give gifts that can't be purchased. Heirlooms, stories, private jokes and memories.
This partnership with industrial designers Hello We Are, including a social campaign and longform magazine on Medium to tell the stories of the gifts. More at

the garage

THAT interactive film for Intel

We created an open-source campaign for makers that celebrated their creations.
It culminated with this interactive garage on Youtube, starring real makers and filled with clickable projects linked to tutorials.
(some links have been removed.)


THAT Google Maps game + film

Kids don't need maps to get from one place to another. Verne re-imagines Maps as a way to get lost in order to discover something you didn't know was there..
It's a 3D Map of the Himalayas. You are a Yeti who is 500 feet tall.

what's left

THAT interactive film

You couldn't leave photographer Gillian Laub a message.
Her phone was filled with the voices of loved ones who had passed.
So, we made this digital experience to free up her phone, share the stories and give anyone the opportunity to contribute and become part of a gallery show.


the loudest shoe launch ever

THAT experience for Under Armour

The Oracle Arena is the loudest stadium in America and this shoe launch celebrates that fact.
It starts in the dark and lights up as the crowd makes noise.


vote for all

THAT film for Obama

This is what happens when political man on the street interviews are edited by the guy who cut Natural Born Killers.