THAT epic TV ad that proves the beast is real

We set out to evolve The Kraken Rum (one of our personal favorites). So, we started not with the liquid but with the horrendous beast that was it's namesake. How would our world be different if the beast was real? What if it wasn't an old-fashioned brand that told stories of past glories, but a thoroughly modern brand that served as a platform for the epic tales told by it's fans?


THAT artificially-intelligent socially-powered experiential video machine for Michael Kors

We went to Shanghai to kill the photobooth and we came back with 65 billion organic impressions. Hard to understand? In collaboration with our friends at AV&C we created a machine of epic proportions that used three cameras and an AI editing tool developed by TRASH to pump out 300 beautiful films in one night alongside video from thousands of phones at a game-changing event for our client.

That vr pancake experience

THAT Virtual Reality Pancake Experience for Food Network

Recipe videos don’t work. They’re impossible to follow along with and they don’t necessarily make the food better than an old-fashioned cookbook. So, we set out to revolutionize the recipe video by exploring the most basic ritual of breakfast with the most extravagant use of immersive technology. 

Sleep together

THAT Casper ad with Michael Rapaport

What if one of the world's grumpiest people finally got a good night's sleep? There'd be world peace, that's what. Just listen as everyone's favorite hip-hop hero explains it. This full-length video appeared in various cutdowns.


THAT film series for W Magazine

Most fashion is beautiful because of the way it was designed. But, some fashion is beautiful because of the way it was worn. That old t-shirt or that jacket you inherited from your dad. We interviewed fashion influencers about something Worn and uncovered powerful stories about how we create, how we dress up and how we feel when we wear nothing at all. 

GRubhub special delivery

THAT delivery talk show to go

Grubhub wanted to up their social media game, so they turned to us to do something spicy. We took the standard foodie interview show and spun it on its axis – literally. We created a talk show on wheels where our delivery guy host interviews chefs across America as they deliver their favorite dishes to GH customers on the craziest modes of transport you can find. Watch the pilot below.

welcome to corktown

THAT Corktown Documentary Series for Ford

Detroit has been and always will be the home of the automobile industry. So when Ford asked us to highlight Corktown for its historic Michigan Central Station announcement, we set out to connect the future vision of Corktown with the people of the city who’ve worked to make that future possible, laying the foundation for the many innovations to come. 


THAT horological experience for Michael Kors and Google

To celebrate the launch of the new Android 2.0 smartwatch designed by Michael Kors and Google, we partnered with David Korins Design (Hamilton) to create an immersive watch you could walk around in to experience the elevated luxury of Michael Kors. With deconstructed roman numerals, a DJ inside a column with working watch arms and four huge film screens showing four separate films that interact seamlessly creating a epic widescreen landscape.


This is a hacky VR pre-viz of the event we created to show how the films worked together (best viewed in goggles). 


THAT series of interactive commercials for Walmart

#Wargames is an epic interactive film series made by our pals at EKO. We created a series of emotionally intelligent commercials for each episode. The only way to view them is inside the series, but we can do a great job explaining them. They're very excellent and super futuristic. Like you.

seamless films

THAT cinematic film about the Seamless delivery guy

In a time where food gets delivered to your door at the click of a button, what if we created a glorifying tale of the delivery person as the food makes its way from the chef’s hands to your door? There’s a great chance it would make the food more delicious.


THAT innovation project + film series for MSG and Bud Light

It's simple, really. A 360 camera in a can of beer that allows you to capture an entire experience while you drink. 


THAT commercial for a new way to work out

Peleton is great, but who wants a bike in their apartment. Uber successful tech start-up Mirror has solved that in a big way and this is the lovely spot we made to explain exactly how. 


THAT film series for W Magazine

Your hair grows six inches a year. What you leave on the floor of a salon is like a physical timeline of your life.  
We used this insight to help women transform themselves. Working with hair legend Garren, we interviewed women about who they wanted to become to design new styles and help create an identity.